Fake News From the Fake News Scene?

World News Daily Report is an online satire news website claiming to be an American Jewish liberal newspaper dedicated solely to covering contemporary archeology news worldwide. The website was founded by Israeli-American TV producer Nir Yona. He claims to have “investigated” the mysterious death of Egyptian Princess Cleopatra, which has been attributed to poisoning with poison. Despite this, many scholars are still suspicious of this story and have rejected the theory, insisting that it is not a historical fact.

World News Daily Report is an online satire web-based publication dedicated to reporting on all aspects of world news and current affairs. Currently, the company is featuring articles on topics ranging from global politics, to Japanese Prime Minister Koichi Yamashita’s infamous quote, “Even a fool and a half can learn how to kill a Japanese.” Other fake stories included claims that the Federal Reserve Bank is planning to increase interest rates, that North Korea is on the brink of nuclear war, that the United States has become a one-party state and much more. In fact, this entire website seems to consist almost entirely of fabricated stories, half-truths, and outright lies. Most notably, some stories have been featured that have circulated throughout the far-right internet for months and have led to calls for violence against those who believe them to be factual.

Some of the most telling examples of the World News Daily Report’s hoaxes have been published by prominent bloggers. Among the most notable is an article titled “World News – Israel Declares War on Iran”, which features the fake headline, “ISRAEL launches first strike on Iran”, followed by a picture of a cruise ship supposedly attacking an Iranian ship off the coast. The story then goes on to detail the supposed intelligence gathered by Israeli intelligence that says that Iran is planning to build nuclear weapons. The only problem is that the World News Daily Report does not have any sources that can verify this intelligence, and none of the major US newspapers carried this story. The Daily Report also fails to mention that the ship in the picture was in fact docked in Dubai.

Some other examples of the fake news sites include a fake news site that carry the name of the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, as well as pictures purported to be from his funeral. The Daily Report frequently features images falsely implying that the United States is involved in a conflict with Iran over its nuclear program. When the BBC reported that the US Navy was once again seen sailing within the 12 mile territorial waters of Iran, the fake news site went all out in calling the British Prime Minister “Ariel Sharon”, to the extent that it even said he was in Washington D.C. on an official visit. It is highly unlikely that any of the pictures shown on the World News Daily Report were taken in Washington, but that doesn’t stop the Daily Report from taking its own cut of the story, using whatever facts they can find to support their reporting.

In addition to the content provided by the world news daily report, the show often features people claiming that they’ve actually done real world events. For instance, one episode featured an interview with a man who claimed to have stopped a terrorist attack on a United Nations car bomb. He also claimed that the terrorist had killed six American soldiers when he blew himself up. As incredible as that may sound, it is completely true. No one has actually blown themselves up at a UN building, and it’s highly unlikely that any American soldiers were ever martyred at a UN building either.

However, the Fake News Watch fellow, Michael Shear, claims that the United States has in fact invaded Iran, and that the BBC should be retitled World News and Daily Report. He even states flat out that the attack on Iran was a mistake. This would make sense, if the United States was not under any threat from Iran, and if President Obama had not failed to consult with him prior to the strike.

This is the problem with fake news stories and social media. They attract attention, and they spread quickly. If you write a fake news story and post it on a popular social media platform, no one will call you out on it. If you do it at the top of your business blog, and no one knows about it, you’ll be fine because no one will be paying for your posts.

Therefore, while it’s important to call out fake news scenes on YouTube, it’s also a good idea to call attention to actual journalists reporting the news. No matter what the story, if the reporters are not professional, they should be held in low regard. It is vital that the United States of America stand firm with their citizens and their press. Please consider all this.

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